Interior Design Trends 2019

10 home trends that are IN this year:

  • Wallpaper makes a comeback!  If you’re looking to add a splash of color or a design to your rooms, wallpaper is the way to go this year! If you’ve heard horror stories about wallpaper removal, those days are over!! Easy-to-remove papers in a wide variety of colors and designs are now available.



  • Eye catching ceilings are in this year!  Whether you choose to add an accent color, add some wallpaper, or even decorative beams, enhancing your ceiling draws the eye upward and makes the room appear larger!



  • Invite the outdoors in!  Not only do greens give off oxygen, but they also add a nice pop of color. Replace your artwork with plants. Living walls are the in thing this year!



  • Painted shiplap, usually in grays or dark blues are making a presence this year!  This is a great look for bathrooms because it adds texture and character in a room.



  • Concrete is becoming the go-to material for bathrooms!  Not only is it a functional surface, but it also gives a strong industrial feel, which is so on trend this year!



  • Crittall frames redefine a room!  Installing Crittall frames break up open space. These frames don’t have to cost a fortune and are easy to install.



  • The more artful and unique your flooring is, the better!  By starting from the ground up, the easier it is to decorate the entire space. This year go for graphic, statement-making floor coverings.



  • Brass and copper accents add luxury to classic interiors!  Try not only accessories made of copper and brass, but also shelves, lamps, candlesticks, and faucets taps.



  • Industrial style attracts with its unexpected comfort!  A little rough, a little shabby, and slightly unsophisticated.  Don’t go overboard!  Little touches are what is preferred!


  • Ditch the kitchen cabinets and go for open shelving!  Exposing your clutter is terrifying, but it can look insanely chic and contained if done right!


10 home trends that are OUT this year:

  • Gallery walls.  Gallery walls fail to make a statement and end up being overlooked. This tedious clutter will
    give way to shelving with a mixture of art and photos!


  • Cool grays.  Cool grays are dated and feel cold. Neutrals aren’t out, but designers this year are shifting to
    warmer tones, like sandy taupes.



  • Over the stove microwaves.  This was never a good design choice. Microwaves are ugly, to put it bluntly. Undercounter microwaves are gaining popularity.



  • Microfiber furniture.  Microfiber furniture can make the overall design of your room appear dated and cheap. Stick with linen, leather, pleather, tweed, and canvas-type fabrics.



  • Kitchen Islands.  We know this one hurts, but kitchen islands are bulky and don’t provide adequate storage. On top of that, they’re easy to bump into. Want an alternative? Modular, movable storage can provide a similar purpose.


  • White Kitchens.  This year expect to see darker cabinetry make a comeback. Black kitchens are proving to help create a sleek, rich and modern feel.



  • Word Art.  We know that word art hung in the home is supposed to positive, but it comes across as cheesy and predictable.  Think sketches and watercolor!



  • Minimalism.  Maximalism will afford you so much more freedom when considering interesting decorative objects. The key to this will be to keep a well-judged edit so that your efforts don’t appear heavy handed.



  • Square and rectangular furniture.  The use of curves and smooth edges instead of boxy edges and clean lines when it comes to furniture designs is what’s in this year.



  • Chevron.  While it’s cute in kids’ rooms, it looks cheap in adult living spaces. If you are unwilling to let this pattern go just yet, opt for something along the lines of herringbone instead.