About Bucks County, PA

Bucks County was founded in 1682 by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania.  The county has a total area of 622 square miles and is designated as the 4th most populous county in Pennsylvania.  The movie Signs, starring Mel Gibson was filmed in Bucks County.  


Points of Interest:

John Fitch Steamboat Museum:  John Fitch built the first steam-powered boat in the U.s. in Warminster in 1785.  In 1790, the steamboat traveled almost 3,000 miles between Philadelphia and Trenton transporting passengers and freight.


Sesame Place:  Located in Langhorne, Sesame Place is the only amusement park in America that is soley themed after a children’s tv show.  


Peddler’s Village:  This historic village with colonial-style building with over 65 unique stores is set on 42 acres of landscaped gardens and brick walkways.


Washington’s Crossing Historic Park:  The 500-acre park is the site where General George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776 and marched to Trenton, completing a successful surprise attack.  This park is also home to Bowman’s Hill Tower, where Revolutionary War soldiers’ graves, stone memorials, and historic collections are housed.  Every Christmas, thousands gather to watch the annual re-enactment of General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River in commemoration of the turning point in the American Revolution.